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“Sitting In Bathrooms With Trans People” Is A Series All North Carolinians Need To See

A new video series reveals what trans people do in bathrooms–hint: what everybody else does in bathrooms–and we talked to its creator.

“Sitting In Bathrooms With Trans People” Is A Series All North Carolinians Need To See

Jerry Seinfeld’s popular web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, aims to briefly demystify how its subjects behave in a slice of their day-to-day lives. A similarly-titled new web series, however, is attempting the same feat with a segment of the population people seem to be a lot more curious about than comedians lately.

Sitting In Bathrooms With Trans People, a new series from Seriously.TV, is an interview show that splashes cool, refreshing water on a white-hot topic. Created by Dylan Marron, the performer behind those Every Single Word Spoken By a Person Of Color videos, Sitting is a playful approach to making a very important and unfortunately timely point.

The North Carolina legislature recently passed House Bill 2, which prohibits transgender people from using public bathrooms that don’t match the sex listed on their birth certificates. LGBT advocacy groups, and even Attorney General Loretta Lynch, are working to fight the bill with legal action. Another way to fight the bill, however, is by spreading awareness that the threat North Carolina legislators are describing is a paper tiger. It is not real.

“We fear what we don’t know and many people don’t know trans people,” Dylan Marron told me over email. “These transphobic bathroom laws are only encouraging people to keep walking towards that fear. I want this series to be a way to get to know an awesome, normal, cool group of people, and our backdrop happens to be a very controversial spot these days.”

Marron’s series lashes out at the law in a playful way. It flits breezily between an actual straightforward interview with trans person Jackson Bird, and satirical interludes revealing the wild and crazy activities Jackson gets up to in the powder room (waffle-eating, spell-casting, etc.) It’s a little silly, but it’s also more of a glimpse into a trans person’s world than all too many people ever think to take.

“Our guards are down when we’re laughing,” Marron says.

Watch interviewee Jackson Bird’s touching coming out video below.

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