See How CGI Renders The “Warcraft” Cast As Unrecognizable Orcs

Anyone who has driven by the billboards for Warcraft could be forgiven for not recognizing a single soul on them. Director Duncan Jones dug deep into the character actor bin to populate his cast, and not everybody has top-of-mind awareness of what Shawshank Redemption co-star Clancy Brown is up to these days. Of course, the more obvious reason is that the Orcs in Warcraft are realistically rendered CGI monsters who bear only a trace resemblance to the humans portraying them.

In order to convey the extent of these transformations, the production has released a series of photos of the cast half in and half out of makeup. Gnarled teeth, elven ears, and battle deformities appear on one side of the image, and the actor doing his or her best to maintain the same facial expression is on the other. Looking at these, it’s clear that Jones and the visual effects designers strove to inject a bit of humanity into these creatures. They actually look as though they could pass for practical effects. Obviously, the lessons Hollywood learned with the trash fire that was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within continue to resonate to this day.

Have a look at more of the cast transformations in the slides above, and watch a trailer for the film, which is out on June 10, below.