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In The First Month Of Motherhood, Don’t Forget About Mom

Bepanthen campaign goes the full Dove to remind new mothers to think about their own well-being, too.

In The First Month Of Motherhood, Don’t Forget About Mom

The first month of parenthood is a bit like the first month of boot camp. It crushes you, beats you down, only to build you back up, make you stronger, and maybe equip you to mentally block out all those sleepless nights and paranoid crisis of confidence. Bayer skin care brand Bepanthen has created a three-minute short film that asks new mothers about their kids, but then shifts the focus on to the mothers, who often put their own well-being on hold in that first month.

“The 10th Month,” by agency JWT London, is very much inspired by the Dove School of Feelsvertising. A short doc complete with soft piano music, the shift in questioning or a reveal halfway through to elicit a dramatic pause and a realization stare from subjects, all for the overt effort to be empowering.

Bepanthen global brand manager Sandra Kauffmann says the focus on new moms is primarily because of their loyalty. “One thing we have learned in the nappy rash business is that mums stay with the brand they try first,” says Kauffmann. “They are extremely loyal. So it is crucial to engage with them and demonstrate our value at the beginning of their journey.”

JWT creative director Paul Waddup says that while Bepanthen has built a solid brand image on protecting the needs of infant skin, the challenge was to engage a maternal audience. “We identified early on that mums are not just buying a ‘cream,’ they are buying reassurance that they are doing okay, that they’re a good mother–surprisingly, no brands in the category seemed to be taking this into account and addressing a mother’s needs,” says Waddup. “We saw an opportunity to engage new mums, at a time when no brand seemed to be talking to them as individuals.”

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