This Bonkers Trailer For “Mr. Robot” Season 2 Will Hack Your Brain

The countdown begins for season 2 of the critically adored “Mr. Robot,” where technology and mental instability go hand in hand.

This Bonkers Trailer For “Mr. Robot” Season 2 Will Hack Your Brain

WHAT: The first trailer for Mr. Robot’s forthcoming second season.

WHO: USA Network.

WHY WE CARE: As last we left the world of Mr. Robot, the shit was just making first contact with the fan and billowing over everything. The Fight Club-inspired financial revolution was in full swing, thanks to a thorough F-Society hacking, as was the Fight Club-inspired mental revolution of lead character, Elliot, as he realized Christian Slater’s Mr. Robot was but a voice in his head. Our first glimpse of the aftermath looks promising enough. A fairly credible President Obama vocal impersonator brings us up to speed from a TV screen, evidence of further mental instability beyond Mr. Robot abounds, and that creepy-ass mask is back. Anything may not be what it is supposed to be! Creator Sam Esmail pulled a fast one on audiences last year by delivering an innovative, topical, antiauthoritarian show under the radar. Let’s see if he can do it again, with NSA-level eyes watching this time.

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