Drake Airs Out Beef With Almost Every “SNL” Cast Member

On the most recent Saturday Night Live, it doesn’t take much for Drake to start fiery rap battles with basically everyone on the show.

WHAT: An SNL Digital Short premieres Drake’s latest diss tracks, which are aimed at a decidedly less menacing opponent than rapper Meek Mill.


WHO: The cast of Saturday Night Live, Drake.

WHY WE CARE: Rap beefs are hot right now, so of course the guy who got Grammy-nominated for a recent diss track would be eager to get back in the mix. During his hosting duties on SNL this past weekend, it doesn’t take much at all to incur Drake’s wrath. Over what sounds like a slightly more amped than usual beat from frequent collaborator Noah “40” Shebib, Drake decimates a wisecracking Pete Davidson, describing him as less amusing then Josh Gad. He then tears into other cast members for increasingly less valid reasons. All of that, and we get to hear Lorne Michaels address Drake as “Drizzy.”

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