Every Time Matthew McConaughey Has Made Weird Noises In a Movie

WHAT: A surprisingly robust collection of Matthew McConaughey expressing himself in films through the magic of weird noises.

WHO: YouTubers Owenergy Studios.

WHY WE CARE: It’s now a well established fact that McConaughey improvised the primal humming and chest-beating in the restaurant scene from Wolf of Wall Street. The WTF vocal stylings don’t stop there, though–not by a long shot, it turns out. One sharp-eyed YouTuber has noticed that making odd sounds is just something McConaughey brings to the cinematic table. The Owenergy Studios supercut of McConaughey doing myriad variations on the confused grunt from Home Improvement’s theme song runs four full minutes in length and is never less than amazing. Try to phonetically spell out your favorite in the comments below.