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Watch Taylor Swift Dance Alone In Her Living Room In New Apple Music Commercial

"Dance like no one's watching" looks a lot like dancing while everyone's watching.

Watch Taylor Swift Dance Alone In Her Living Room In New Apple Music Commercial

Taylor Swift may be a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and one of the highest paid performers in the world, but she's still very much known for her, uh, unique dance moves (see: every awards show the girl has ever gone to).

In her latest commercial for Apple Music, we get to see her dance like nobody's watching, which, to be honest, doesn't really look that different from the dancing she does while people actually are watching.

We've already seen her run (and flop) on the treadmill to Drake and Future's "Jumpman" and lip-sync in the mirror to Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle." This time we get a short tour of Swift's home as she rocks and rolls around to The Darkness hit "I Believe In A Thing Called Love."

The real question here is how many more of these videos will Apple release? They're obviously proving to be successful—the "Jumpman" treadmill video boosted listens of the #GYMFLOW playlist up 439%.

We're almost two years out from Swift's most recent album, 1989, which would normally mean new music from a star. But since she's currently taking a break, I guess the best we get are these videos, which Apple Music's head of content Larry Jackson likens to a record drop. "You release one single, it's got a certain longevity, then the next single drops."

So instead of a new album, we get sponsored content. Thanks, Taylor.