• 05.11.16

Facebook Will Soon Be Showing 360-Degree Photos In Your Stream

Oculus said today more than a million people viewed Oculus content on a Samsung Gear VR headset last month, a new high.

Facebook Will Soon Be Showing 360-Degree Photos In Your Stream
[Images: courtesy of Facebook]

You’ll soon be able to watch 360-degree photos in your Facebook stream, according to Oculus, the virtual reality pioneer company Facebook acquired in 2014.


The 360-degree photos can be shot with a 360-degree camera, like Samsung’s Gear 360, or created using software to stitch regular photos together.

You’ll start seeing the new 360 images in the next few weeks, Facebook says.

If you’re looking at the photos on a phone, you’ll be able to move around in the 360-degree shot by dragging your finger around on the touchscreen or tilting the device. On the desktop, you’ll use your mouse. If you happen to use a late-model Samsung phone with a Gear VR headset, you can select the photos from the Oculus 360 Photos app and view them in a true 360-degree environment.

Oculus says more than a million people viewed VR content using the Samsung Gear VR headset last month. Oculus’s head of mobile, Max Cohen, said at a press event Tuesday that the one-million user mark arrived far sooner than expected. Cohen said the number was pushed up when Verizon bundled the Gear VR headset with the purchase of a new Samsung S7 smartphone earlier this year.

Oculus also announced four new pieces of content for the Gear VR—three videos and a game.

Nomads allows you to hang out with a Maasai tribe in Kenya, sea gypsies from Borneo, or yak herders from the Mongolian steps. “Notes On Blindness” features audio clips from a real person who was going blind. “6 by 9” shows you what it’s like in a prison cell. “Tactera” is a futuristic battlefield strategy game.

Finally, Oculus says it’s revamped its Oculus Home VR content store. Cohen said the new design will make it easier for users to locate and launch their downloaded VR content, or jump into content with friends.