• 05.20.16

An App That Makes It Easier For Neighbors To Help Each Other

Getmii is a sharing economy app that creates community among the 1,000 closest users.

An App That Makes It Easier For Neighbors To Help Each Other

If you need something in a hurry–a phone charger, say, or a case of beer–chances are there’s a person nearby who can provide it. With Getmii, a new app, you can “broadcast your needs” to the nearest 1,000 people, and find someone willing to deliver. In return, you can barter something the other person wants, or you can pay them–whatever you negotiate in the app’s chat box.


Getmii, which has been described as a “need feed” for millennials and younger, isn’t a hook-up app (though it could presumably be used for that). It’s more about making sharing and bartering immediate and location-based.

“Whenever you have something that you need, you get on the loudspeaker and yell it as loudly as possible to people near you,” says cofounder Max Meyer.

The app was first developed in Thailand (where Meyer has been based). It recently launched in the U.S. and already has more than 10,000 users, Meyer says, mostly on college campuses. He says the most frequently bartered items are lecture notes, though a lot of the time there’s no transaction at all. It’s just people meeting with people.

“We tried to not make it so transactional. It’s not like TaskRabbit where they’re trying to ascribe a value to a service. For our generation, that cheapens the relationship we’re trying to create between two people,” he says.

Aside from instant gratification, Getmii has potential in disaster or emergency situations. Last year, the Red Cross used it in Nepal to gather blood donations after the earthquake.

Download Getmii here.


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