See Superhero Logos Rebooted As Minimalist Animated Line Art GIFs

Some superheroes are close to invincible, but none are immune to the necessity of branding.

Just like everyone else, these fictional saviors recognize the top-of-mind awareness that comes with aligning one’s outfit, vehicle, and logo in a similar style. (According to Captain America: Civil War, in fact, the new cinematic Spider-Man even has his own line of underoos, just like in real life.) While superhero logos usually evolve over the years, the best of them tend to retain the ineffable essence of their creator. A new series of logo reinterpretations pares them down to the basics in a way that’s both familiar and fresh.


Assembled by Montreal artists Simon Lagneau and Rogé Rogé of Baboon Creation, the series using simple line art to convey the calling cards of our favorite comic book protectors. Simon and Sylvain give elegant overhauls to Captain America, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and more, rendered in the form of animated GIFs. The clean lines either have a retro feel or look like snazzy crop circles, depending on your frame of reference. But they are bound to each bring to mind one certain superheroes with minimalist flare—and that’s no small feat.

Have a look at more of the logos in the slides above.

[via Laughing Squid]JB