Watch John Oliver Fight Fake Science With A Fake TED Talk

WHAT: A mock-TED Talk promoting actual scientific research, rather than the forced-conclusion variety that’s become more and more popular of late.

WHO: John Oliver and Last Week Tonight.

WHY WE CARE: TODD Talks takes the TED Talk concept one satirical leap beyond the current state of popular science, into its final form. After a detailed analysis of everything that the Dr. Oz’s of the world get so gobsmackingly wrong, the Last Week Tonight team rolls out its own Today Show-style take on the everyday magic of science. (Skip ahead to 15:50 if you just can’t wait.) TODD Talks (which stands for Trends, Observations, and Dangerous Drivel) features Bob’s Burger‘s H. Jon Benjamin and other performers getting on stage to let the world in on the secret of how coffee will end racism, and other such nonsense. Like the best of Oliver’s parodies, it is at once hilarious and eerily accurate.