Celebrate Star Wars Day And Hamilton’s Tony Nominations With This Perfect Mashup

“Luke, The Son of Anakin” gets a perfect Broadway twist.

WHAT: A Star Wars-themed Hamilton parody that preserves the meter of the Tony Award-nominated show’s opening number by converting “Alexander Hamilton” to “Luke, The Son of Anakin,” and which casts a full complement of the Jedi Knight’s pals and foes as the chroniclers of his story.


WHO: Writer/executive producer Nick Jack Pappas, who day-jobs as a senior content manager for Comedywire, with a cast that includes Alex Ubokudom, Roger Mulligan, Lauren Burbank, Eva Richards, and more.

WHY WE CARE: Generally speaking, we care a lot about both Hamilton and Star Wars, and the fact that this parody comes on May the Fourth–which is both Star Wars Day and the day after Hamilton scored itself a record-breaking sixteen Tony nominations–meant that we were definitely gonna click on the link to the video. What we found when we got there, though, is one of the most well-done Hamilton parody/mashup videos around (and believe us, there are a lot of them at this point). The meter of the show’s original raps are preserved here, while the lyrics (which you can check out by clicking the “CC” button on treating the video) are clever–they never outright repeat the Hamilton lines, but they often keep the same rhyme scheme–“in New York you can be a new man” becomes “with the force, Luke, you had saved Anakin.” Bonus points for also paying tribute to Hamilton’s race-bending casting by giving the part of Luke Skywalker to Alex Ubokudom, and to the musical’s cradle-to-grave storytelling by going beyond just the rebellion Luke (like Hamilton) fought and incorporating his meeting with Rey in The Force Awakens. We’ll be hoping that Rey’s story turns out better than Phillip’s, as we watch this for the fortieth time today.

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