KFC’s New Nail Polish Is Finger Lickin’ Good, If You Know What We Mean

Delicious! Also, pretty gross.

WHAT: Original and Hot & Spicy, er, nail polish from KFC! It tastes just like chicken, perfectly seasoned with the Colonel’s Secret Recipe of eleven herbs and spices–except that you can put it on your finger and toenails, then lick them when you’re feeling peckish.


WHO: Ogilvy & Mather for KFC Hong Kong, along with food scientists at spice and seasoning giant McCormick, according to Adweek.

WHY WE CARE: Why wouldn’t we care? Food science is a weird field, and this isn’t the first time it’s been applied in unusual ways. Earlier this year, GE revealed that it was getting into the hot sauce game, and brands from Burger King to Pizza Hut to Cheetos have all made perfumes in recent years. We can only assume that KFC went the nail polish route in order to make something that’s literally finger-lickin’ good. The result is basically the exact opposite of the stuff they put on people’s nails to help them quit biting their fingernails–but while we’ve seen scented, edible nail polish in flavors like “Nerds” and “Cherry Coke” before, going the full fried chicken is a bridge we hadn’t anticipated seeing crossed. Currently the plan for this stuff is for it to be produced in very limited quantities to Hong Kong KFC enthusiasts via social media–but because the Internet’s appetite for irony and goofy stuff is endless, you’ll presumably be able to pick up some finger lickin’ good nail polish at your local mall by the end of the year.

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