Check Out These VHS Versions Of Your Favorite Films

WHO: Matthew Dix (aka @offtrackoutlet)

WHAT: Retro VHS versions of recent films

WHY WE CARE: It’s no secret that the Internet craves nostalgia. Nary a week goes by without a quiz dictating which 90s Nickelodeon cartoon you are or some artist outfitting Disney princesses in hipster clothing. And when it comes to films, there are indeed movie trailers that have been put through the filter of yesteryear, but graphic designer Matthew Dix is going on step further: not only does he meticulously create VHS boxes for recent films, he apparently dubs the films on tape as well. Dix has been chronicling his impeccable work under the Instagram account @offtrackoutlet. Unfortunately, for us, however, the VHS tapes Dix creates aren’t for sale (copyright infringement is such a downer) so we all have to take him at his word that these are true dubs. Regardless, we can all bask in the glory of the perfectly weathered, perfectly time warped tape boxes Dix puts together by hand.