Soccer Legend Eric Cantona Introduces A New Breed Of Rescue Dogs For Kronenbourg 1664

Nevermind the Saint Bernard, the beer brand and former Manchester United star enlist Alsace-tians for help.

WHAT: Former France and Manchester United soccer star Eric Cantona takes on a new job in retirement, rescuing his fellow townspeople with the help of his dogs and, of course, plenty of beer.


WHO: Kronenbourg 1664, Ogilvy & Mather London

WHY WE CARE: Last we saw Cantona he was swimming the English channel for Kronenbourg, but now we see him in a decidedly new day job. With a charming, nostalgic feel–not unlike the one Stella Artois has used with such great effect over the years–the spot gives Kronenbourg 1664 a quirky old Europe vibe. Sure, it’s completely fake, since the beer is brewed in the U.K. as a part of global booze corporation Heineken’s stable of brands, but as long as you know it’s French bonafides are about as real as those beer delivery dogs, it makes for a fun ad.

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