Londoners Are Kickstarting To Replace All Ads At A Tube Station With Pictures Of Cats

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S.) is tired of being told to buy insurance when they get off the train.

WHAT: A Kickstarter campaign launched to raise £20,000, which would be enough to replace all of the advertising at an unspecified London tube station with pictures of cats.


WHO: The Citizens Advertising Takeover Serice (C.A.T.S., naturally).

WHY WE CARE: Londoners are known for their clever attempts at culturejamming, which makes sense in a city as ad-saturated as theirs. They’re also known for taking a fairly arch approach to messing with their institutions (whither Boaty McBoatface), which makes this whole campaign feel very appropriate. But they did their homework, too–TFL agreed that, if they can raise their £20,000, they can actually buy all of the advertising space in one of the smaller London tube stations. So there’s no chance that–should the project reach its goal–donors will miss the opportunity to see this silly project come to fruition and instead receive an email saying that their money has been donated to, like, a cat rescue charity or something disappointing like that (ugh). Right now, the campaign is about 20% of the way there, so it may not end up happening–but the goals behind it are admirable. “Maybe cats won’t make us happy either, but it’s got to be better than insurance adverts,” the group writes in their campaign. “Maybe during this moment of cat related calm, we might have a brilliant thought, or a dumb one, or even spend a moment thinking of nothing at all.” It’s a downright zen approach to public transportation.

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