Every “Simpsons” Reference To “Citizen Kane” Side-by-Side With The Real Thing

“The Simpsons” long-running obsession with “Citizen Kane” gets a side-by-side supercut on the 75th anniversary of Orson Welles’s masterpiece.

WHAT: A side-by-side display of every time The Simpsons made a visual reference to Citizen Kane. (Two whole minutes’ worth.)


WHO: YouTubers Moon Film.

WHY WE CARE: On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Orson Welles’s uncontested masterpiece, someone has finally collected all the scattered tributes to Citizen Kane on The Simpsons. Aside the fact that the show did an episode called “Rosebud” that nicked the film’s exact plot, references have appeared here and there throughout the entire series run. The writers and animators on the show, like so many other artists in other mediums, were inspired by the groundbreaking visual style and plot structure of Citizen Kane, which still holds up as much as ever today. Now, Moon Film has cut all those references together, alongside footage from the film, for an appropriate tribute. Don’t let missing this video be the thing you regret on your deathbed. (“Simpsons tribute video,” you’ll say, dropping a snow globe to the ground before croaking, and nobody will know what the hell you’re talking about, because it will be the future.)

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