Men Smash And Women Cry In This Supercut Of Mirror Scenes In Movies

What do you do when you look in the mirror? According to this supercut of 52 films, you cry if you’re a woman and freak out if you’re a man.

Men Smash And Women Cry In This Supercut Of Mirror Scenes In Movies

WHAT: “Man // Woman // Mirror,” a video essay about that scene in many a film in which someone confronts their reflection in a mirror, broken down by gender.

WHO: Joost Broeren and Sander Spies Fandor Keyframe.

WHY WE CARE: Previously, Co.Create was under the impression that the most common thing to happen when someone looks in the mirror in a movie is that they splash water on their face and then when they look up, the killer is behind them. This supercut reveals, however, that a substantial portion of mirror scenes in movies go one of two ways, depending on gender: either bitter tears or a violent freakout. With a sample size of 52 films with mirror scenes, the creators found 20 instances of women crying in the mirror, as compared with eight men; and 20 instances of men smashing a mirror, as opposed to four with women. Should the supercut have included the scene in Face/Off where John Travolta and Nic Cage are wearing each other’s faces and shoot their respective reflections in a double-sided mirror? It probably should not have. But that doesn’t take anything away from the astute observation overall.

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