This Elegant Folding Standing Desk Is So Simple, Even A Kid Could Use It

The neatest part is the hydraulic lifting action.

We may have reached Peak Standing Desk, but that doesn’t mean that people will stop dreaming up slightly new iterations of them any time soon. And that’s a good thing too, when they’re as beautifully designed as the OPLØFT, a clean-lined mini-desk that sits on top of any regular desk and renders it adjustable.


The OPLØFT might be the first standing desk I actually want to buy. Not only does it look good, with its simple scissor-legged design, but it folds flat when not in use, so you can leave it on the desk when you sit.

But the neatest part is in the lifting action. Grabbing the handles unlocks the mechanism, which combines springs and hydraulics to help even the weakest of office dwellers to easily lift the desk and set it at just the right height. When in place, you can even lean on it—the unit can support an additional 88 pounds, which is essential if you’re the kind of person who reads their screen in a lean-forwards, elbows-on-desk position. The OPLØFT itself weighs in at 26 pounds, so while it’s not really portable, it can easily be schlepped around the office, or stored behind a filing cabinet when not needed.

Switching between sitting and standing is good not only for folks who are starting out with standing desks. The flexibility means you can do what your body tells you it needs. “Normally we change from sitting to standing three to five times a day,” OPLØFT’s Steffen Nielsen says. “Maybe one or two times before lunch and two to three times in the afternoon. It is very individual, but some of us tend to get some back pain as the day moves forward.”

The desk looks like it’s built to last, which is just as well, because it will cost $500 (right now it’s $421 on Kickstarter).

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