The ‘Southside With You’ Trailer Is ‘Before Sunrise’ With Barack And Michelle Obama


WHAT: The first trailer for Miramax’s Southside With You, out August 26, which tells the story of Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date on the South Side of Chicago.


WHO: First-time filmmaker Richard Tanne, with former Gossip Girl and One Life To Live star Tike Sumpter as Michelle Robinson–the future Mrs. Obama–and Parker Sawyers as a smooth young lawyer named Barack.

WHY WE CARE: Regardless of politics, it’s fascinating to see a feature film that romanticizes (quite literally) the relationship between two people who the entire world knows as well as Barack and Michelle Obama. And since the President is a writer who wrote his own story long before he entered politics, the tale of how he met Michelle Robinson (and eventually married her) is a story that’s been mythologized slightly differently from the usual politician’s rote “love story.” All of that makes Southside With You a compelling idea for a movie–and Sumpter, who seems to capture a lot of the First Lady in her performance, displays enough chemistry with Sawyers (who avoids doing an easy Obama impersonation in his performance) to make us think that the idea pays off.

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