App Store Coming To Meta’s Fancy AR System

The system is amazing, but it depends on third-party content.

App Store Coming To Meta’s Fancy AR System
[Photo: courtesy of Metavision]

There are quite a number of competing augmented reality and mixed reality systems on the market, or coming to the market soon–Microsoft’s HoloLens, the Avegant Glyph, ODG’s R-7, and others, including the still-stealthy Magic Leap. But one that has a lot of tech insiders freaking out because of its amazing features is Meta.

Meta’s mixed-reality system.

Currently a tethered headset, the Meta 2 lets users control all kinds of digital information with just their hands, while also providing a high-quality, wide-field-of-view holographic display. It’s a very compelling experience that the Redwood Shores, California, company hopes will get a lot of enterprises in industries like medical, engineering, entertainment, finance, and others on board.

No one’s going to buy the $949 headset, though, without the promise of a lot of good content. And that’s where Meta’s developer ecosystem will come into play: Third parties will build the experiences.

Ryan Pamplin, Meta’s vice president of sales and partnerships, told Fast Company today that the company will definitely host an app store where those developers can hawk their wares. He wouldn’t say that the app store–which would likely operate like Apple’s–would be available when the Meta 2 goes on sale in the third quarter, but he indicated it should be coming soon. 

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