• 04.27.16

Muslim Weightlifter Amna Al Haddad Smashes Stereotypes In Inspiring New Nike Ad

The aspiring United Arab Emirates’ Olympic hopeful talks about training as both a female, and covered Muslim, athlete.

WHAT: Nike’s latest “Inner Strength” series continues with United Arab Emirates’ Olympic hopeful Amna Al Haddad talking about training as both a woman and a covered Muslim.


WHO: Nike

WHY WE CARE: Sports are one of the world’s great equalizers. It’s why, despite calls of crass commercialism and corruption, we still love the Olympics. People of all races, religions, creeds, and nationality coming together in united competition. It’s also a point of understanding between people with little in common. You may not speak the same language or understand each other’s culture, but everyone understands the sweat required for athletic achievement. This is what Amna Al Haddad’s story does on a few different levels, both as a woman, and a Muslim woman, it’s the story first and foremost of an athlete. And an inspiring one at that.

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