This Pedigree Experiment Proves Your Dog Really Does Help Your Heart

WHAT: A brand experiment to see how dogs help reduce stress levels and improve our lives, through the real-life stories of three Australian pet owners.

WHO: Pedigree, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

WHY WE CARE: Once again, Pedigree brings it hard with the canine emotions. The brand continues to prove its long-running consistent ability to tap into the emotion of pet ownership in its marketing, this time with a Dove-style Australian ad that uses real-life stories and an experiment to make its point. Which is of course that dogs and owners’ hearts align. AWWWWWWWW.

The campaign is also raising funds for the Australia’s Pet Rescue, encouraging people to share their own dog photos using the hashtag #HeartsAligned, which the brand will match each post with $1 donation towards a $20,000 target.