Could Air Farting Be The Next Big Thing In Sports? Of Course Not, But It’s A Great Ad

WHAT: An unexpected new sport gets a Nike-style ad.

WHO: Colonfine Gotas, Ogilvy & Mather El Salvador

WHY WE CARE: It’s no secret that around here we love our inspirational sports ads. Whether it’s Nike, Under Armour, Beats By Dre, whomever, the right combination of story and sport is ripe goosebump territory for any brand to plunder.

Here that combination is used for comedic gold, a la Dodgeball, but played waaay more straight than Vince Vaughn could ever pull off. It’s like a 30 For 30 for your small intestine. Ogilvy & Mather El Salvador creative director Patty del Cid says the brand was launching in a very competitive category with a very limited budget, so the challenge was to create awareness about the new product.

“So we decided to move away from traditional advertising and bet on content and concentrate all our resources in a disruptive and fun idea that people would naturally love to share,” says del Cid. “We weren’t inspired by any particular ad. We just wanted to recreate inspirational sports films and content in general to make it look more real and emotional.”

It’s just a universal truth that life, as in sports and advertising, is “80% in the colon, 20% in the mind.”