Adorable Story Of “Goldivox” Encourages People To Donate Their Voice To Help Others

WHAT: The sweet story of Goldivox, a girl searching the world for a digital voice that suits her.

WHO: VocaliD, Saatchi & Saatchi New York

WHY WE CARE: If you’ve ever wondered whether all people unable to speak without digital assistance would sound the same as Stephen Hawking, the answer is they very likely would. Up until recently, there has been only a tiny selection of generic voices available for people with a speech impairment. VocaliD builds unique digital voices by asking people to “donate” their voice using its Human Voicebank platform.

This charming ad does a great job of demonstrating exactly why that matters and hopes to show people that their voice can help others, encouraging them to share theirs to help create unique voices for the millions of people who need them. A voice-activated version of the Golidivox story is also available.