• 04.25.16

Band Of Horses Debuted A New Song On a Fan’s Twitter Feed Because They Liked His Name

The majestic indie rockers then updated their own display name to “Bandrew of Horses,” to prove that this bromance goes both ways.

Band Of Horses Debuted A New Song On a Fan’s Twitter Feed Because They Liked His Name

The behind-the-scenes politicking that can go into premiering a new track by an even semi-famous band is often shocking. Websites and music platforms strive to glom onto the highest-profile acts for some easy clicks, while artists and their management are constantly looking for the most prestigious outlet available to them so they can declare that Cool Outlet X thought they were worthy of an exclusive. Someone could make a TV show set in the world of the struggling mid-2010’s music industry (“It’s Mad Men meets Vinyl!”) and wring a fair bit of drama out of the back-and-forth of the track premiere.


Band of Horses, though, opted to forego all of the usual jockeying (er, no pun intended) when the majestic indie rock band was looking for a way to release the lyric video to the new single “Casual Party,” off of their just-announced new album Why Are You Okay. Rather than look to, say, Rolling Stone or NPR for the premiere, they veered way left and picked a fan–Denton, TX, musician Andrew Garfias, whose Twitter account boasts a whopping 392 followers–to premiere the track.

Garfias was selected after an exchange that began when he tweeted his enthusiasm about the band’s new album because the band thought his display name–“Fuck”–was funny.

“I’d gotten a call through the record label,” Fuck/Garfias tells Co.Create. “They said that [singer] Ben [Bridwell] is a big fan of your Twitter handle, which is super funny, and they’d been talking about releasing a song–how would you feel about doing this?”

Garfias, who’s been a Band Of Horses fan since he was a freshman in high school, says that he was “awestruck” at the opportunity. “It was just the band reaching out to their fans, which I think is awesome. They’re really down-to-earth guys.”

Certainly, getting to send out a press release that says things like “LYRIC VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE COURTESY OF FUCK HERE” is a unique opportunity, and Garfias–who’s a musician himself, with the Dallas-based funk/jazz group The Collection–owes it all to his “favorite word.” “About a year ago, I changed my display name to ‘Fuck,'” he says. “I stopped giving a shit about how I displayed myself on social media.”

All of that is plenty funny, but there’s also something interesting in a group of Band of Horses’ stature–whose own Twitter account has roughly 177,000 more followers than Fuck’s–trusting all of this to a random fan. Garfias seems to be enjoying the attention, and the chance to interact with a favorite band, but there are plenty of ways that this could have gone poorly. Instead, though, this looks to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Band of Horses and Fuck.

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