Grimes Launches Campaign With Stella McCartney, Talks Sustainability In Fashion

WHAT: #POPNOW, a new campaign for an environmentally friendly fragrance, from some interesting collaborators.

WHO: Musical powerhouse Grimes, a/k/a Claire Boucher, and fashion designer Stella McCartney

WHY WE CARE: Grimes is not the kind of artist who lends her image, music, or reputation out to the highest bidder. If she is collaborating with a fashion designer on a project, it stands to reason that she believes in that project beyond its ability to line her pockets or expand her brand reach. In this case, that project involves an environmentally friendly fragrance, called POP, packaged in boxes made from sustainably managed forests. As the POP campaign launches, we get a brief glimpse of why Grimes got involved, as she talks in this ad about the importance of sustainability in fashion. More ads are likely to follow as the campaign continues rolling out.

[via Pitchfork]