See Every “Game Of Thrones” Double-Cross In One Infographic

Here’s a spoiler-filled deconstruction of every time the characters on Game of Thrones betrayed each other.

See Every “Game Of Thrones” Double-Cross In One Infographic

The only constant on Game of Thrones is change. The creators let viewers know early on not to get too attached to the status quo when the show’s seemingly central figure found himself un-attached to his head. (RIP Ned Stark. May you pass sentences and swing swords in heaven forever.) Aside from fire-breathing dragons and breathtaking brutality, what keeps people watching the show is that nothing feels safe. Any of the approximately 937 characters could find their fortunes reversed at any moment–and most of the time, these downfalls come courtesy of people they trusted.

A new infographic takes a look at every betrayal that’s happened over the history of Game of Thrones so far. In advance of the rapidly approaching sixth season premiere (that’d be this Sunday), data visualization site Venngage combed over every episode to look for patterns in the 65 recorded double-crosses and backstabbings. It’s a handy guide for who to consider trusting in Westeros (Daenerys Targaryen) and who to avoid at all costs (Petyr Baelish) But you already know that from watching the show. What really emerges from looking at the infographic is a portrait of how deeply engrained betrayal is in these people. It flows back and forth—marked by arrows here—and keeps perpetuating a cycle of bloodshed-heavy power plays.

It may not be an admirable way to live, but it sure makes for compelling TV. See who are the main perpetrators and who are the victims in the infographic below.

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