From Resume Lies to Lessons From Harvard: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s top leadership stories might make you give up your screens before bed and rethink your hiring strategies.

This week we took a peek inside Harvard’s Innovation Lab, took a second look at what older workers bring to the table, and reconsidered our late-night screen addictions.


These are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of April 18.

1. 7 Essential Lessons From The Harvard Innovation Lab

The Harvard Innovation Lab (I-lab) is a collaboration and education space launched in 2011 to help develop students’ interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. But you don’t need to be accepted to the Ivy League school to get a glimpse at what the students learn.

2. Forget Millennials—Why You Should Hire Someone Over 55

Employers may be fighting over finding the next Mark Zuckerberg, but they should turn their sights to those over 55. Older workers stay in their jobs longer and bring a lot more experience.

3. What Happened When I Stopped Using Screens After 11 p.m.

Think responding to emails in bed is a way to squeeze more productivity into your busy day? You might change your mind after you read the Muse’s Alex Cavoulacos’s month-long experience of cutting out TV, laptop, and iPhone every night.

4. The Most Common Resume Lies (And Who Is Most Likely To Tell Them)

You probably know better than to list a college you didn’t attend on your resume (the number one most serious lie), but some of the other lies people tell on their resumes might surprise you. As will the people most likely to stretch the truth.

5. Why Women Job Hop More Than Men

According to a new study from LinkedIn, women are much more likely to switch jobs more frequently than men, but it might not be a bad thing for their careers.