The Trailer For “The Girl On The Train” Is A Great Way To Get All Tense And Stressful

WHAT: The first trailer for the big-screen adaptation of The Girl on the Train, the bestselling thriller that set up one of the more mindbending whodunnits in recent memory.

WHO: Emily Blunt, Luke Evans, and Haley Bennett are the leads here, with supporting turns from Laura Prepon, Lisa Kudrow, and more. The entire project is helmed by director Tate Taylor, whose previous films include The Help and Get On Up, so adapting Paula Hawkins’s tense thriller ought to give him a chance to stretch his legs a bit.

WHY WE CARE: The Girl on the Train was the rare sort of satisfying thriller where the payoff in the third-act twist feels entirely earned, and inevitable by the time you finally see it happen–but the trailer for the movie doesn’t give you any inkling of what that might be. That’s a feat in today’s over-trailered world, but rather than getting too close of a look at the plot, instead we’re just swimming in tone. We’ve got an even more distorted version of Kanye West’s “Heartless” playing, along with snatches of brutal imagery contrasted with Emily Blunt revealing how little she knows about the situation in which she’s found herself. This sort of mess-with-your-head thriller may be experiencing a sort of renaissance if Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train are any indication, and we’re on board–no pun intended–for all of them, as long as they look this tense, chaotic, and exciting.