If Michael Jackson Made Trap Music It Might Sound Like This

#TrapCovers get taken to a whole new level.

If Michael Jackson Made Trap Music It Might Sound Like This

WHAT: An expertly crafted Michael Jackson impression in which an MJ impersonator gets the look and the sound right for an original tune–that sounds like it could have been a cover of a forgotten early ’80s classic from the star–faithfully rendered as a contemporary trap song.

WHO: “Michael Trapson,” an entity that includes–at least–video producer OG Cano and beatmaker OG Leek.

WHY WE CARE: Mostly it’s just a hypnotic tune in which a vocalist who can easily simulate a Michael Jackson-style falsetto (with just the right amount of edge to it to be convincing) sings something that sounds a lot like MJ, albeit in a style that Jackson never lived to work in. But also, it’s an update on the #TrapCovers gag from earlier this year, in which black artists slapped together amazing covers of songs by white musicians in their bedrooms to highlight just how corny it is when white guitar players drop acoustic covers of songs like “Work” and “Formation.” Whenever a late-night meme has legs enough for people to stick with the ideas beyond the trend, though, it’s worth paying attention to see what other creativity gets unlocked as a result.

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