SNL’s “One-Dimensional Female Character” Nails The Film Industry’s Woman Problem

Cecily Strong’s “One-Dimensional Female Character” is back on SNL with some brutal truth about the way people like her talk in movies.

SNL’s “One-Dimensional Female Character” Nails The Film Industry’s Woman Problem

WHAT: Saturday Night Live’s recurring “One-Dimensional Female Character” is back to talk about her dialogue in male-driven films.

WHO: Four season vet, Cecily Strong.

WHY WE CARE: Debuting in 2014, Strong’s composite character was a guest on SNL’s Weekend Update segment, where she demonstrated how little women have to do in romantic comedies. In the most recent edition, however, the ODFC is brought back in response to a recent study revealing that men have more dialogue in even movies that are lead by women, such as The Hunger Games. Considering the subject matter, the character is expanded beyond Romantic Comedy to the realm of Male-Driven Comedy, which unfortunately even includes a movie where she supposedly plays the title character. It’s a sharp, tight deconstruction of an industry-wide problem that’s hopefully on its way out.

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