U.S. Marines Vet And His Best Friends Show What We Can Learn From Dogs

Pedigree tells the story of vet Dan Lasko and his dogs for the newest heartwarming ad in its “Feed the Good” campaign.

Over the last decade, Pedigree has consistently tapped into the emotion and empathy so often involved in dog ownership. For last year’s launch of the “Feed the Good” campaign, the brand introduced U.S. Marines vet Dan Lasko to his then-new friend Maggie. Now the brand returns to tell more of Lasko’s heartwarming story.


Sustaining injuries during his deployment that resulted in the amputation of his left leg from the knee down, Lasko struggled with adjusting to civilian life. In “Learn from Dogs,” by agency BBDO New York, we learn how a service dog named Wally helped with his recovery, and how Lasko used that experience to help Maggie.

“After filming the first Feed the Good commercial with Pedigree and meeting Maggie, I knew I needed to bring her home with me,” says Lasko. “She had been through a rough time already, as had I, and I felt bringing her into our family would not only help her, but would continue my journey to healing process. I think all dog owners know that feeling of having your dog, your best friend, by your side, and this film brings it to light in a really powerful way. I hope it encourages people to take note of the bond between dog and owner, and hopefully encourages them to consider adopting to help dogs in need, knowing that they can help us as well.”

Pedigree brand manager Melodie Bolin says that while Lasko’s story is set around a unique set of circumstances, it’s overall message resonates with a broader audience. “Dan’s story connects because it is shows exactly how dogs bring out the good in people and the reciprocal relationship for the dogs.” says Bolin. “After seeing how much good Wally and Maggie together have brought to Dan, and how much good Dan and his family have brought to the dogs, we knew we needed to expand upon their story, showcasing more of their journey.”

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