If You Have Time, Watch This 7-Hour 20-Minute Trailer For A 720-Hour Film

Gather every ounce of popcorn you can find and prepare yourself for the longest filmgoing experience ever. (And that’s just the trailer.)

If You Have Time, Watch This 7-Hour 20-Minute Trailer For A 720-Hour Film

WHAT: The marathonic, seven hour and 20 minute trailer for Ambiancé, a movie that will be released in 2020 and is expected to be the longest film in history.

WHO: Swedish filmmaker and probable madman Anders Weberg.

WHY WE CARE: It’s nice to see someone achieve their dreams, and for Anders Weberg that dream is to make a film long enough that even the spectral wraiths of another dimension, who watch societies rise and fall in a relative blink of an eye, would even say, “Damn, that movie is long.” Weberg has been working in Ambiancé, which will run for 720 hours–30 full days–for years now, having released a 72-minute trailer back in 2014. Now, the second trailer has arrived, with the skull-crushing length of seven hours and 20 minutes. (A third one is expected in 2018, at 72 unbearable hours.) The film is very beautiful, and very strange like a quirky ballerina, although having not watched all seven hours and 20 minutes, Co.Create can’t say for sure whether it gets easier to figure out later on. Somehow, though, we’re confident that this monstrously extensive trailer will still feel a little bit less draggy than Batman v Superman.

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