Have We Reached Peak Standing Desk?

It’s getting to the point where people are slapping together a few pieces of cardboard and calling it design.

At this point, there can be nobody who uses both a desk and the Internet who doesn’t know that sitting down is just about the most dangerous thing a human can do, probably worse than skydiving or working as a bike courier.


To combat this, we’ve seen every kind of standing desk, from desks for kids to desks that convert your health-hazard of an office chair into a life-giving standing desk to desks so beautifully designed you’ll never want to sit down again.

You could say that we’ve reached peak standing desk. And that’s no idle claim, because we have evidence that we’re about to reach the standing desk singularity. First, take a look at the Oristand, a $25 standing desk that looks like little more than a couple of cardboard boxes stacked on on top of the other. We covered the Oristand back in January. Now, take a look at the Switch Stance, which I received an email about this week. The Switch Stance is almost exactly the same as the Oristand, right down to the bow-tie shaped base. The only difference I can see is that the Switch Stance can be folded up and is a few dollars more expensive.

I asked Saso Kastelic, one of the folks behind the Switch Stance, why the desks are so similar. He told me that the Oristand launched just as they were finalizing Switch Stance prototypes.

First of these is the collapsible upper part, which turns the box into a laptop stand that can be used while you sit, keeping the screen at eye-level. This lets you quickly deploy it for sit/stand operation, which is much nicer than shifting the computer and the keyboard, along with all your cables and your coffee cup, every time you want to park your rear in a chair.

The Switch Stance is also a lot nicer-looking than yet another cardboard standing desk, the Refold, which is also collapsible and costs $110, and, Kastelic tells us, “The Switch Stance folds down to a very compact and portable package.” This portability is key–you’re supposed to take the Switch Stance to your favorite coworker get space or coffee shop.

At this point, calling Peak Standing Desk is probably justified. Soon you’ll probably get one for free when you sign up for a gym membership. But all these ultra-simple cardboard designs might be giving you other ideas. If they all look like a couple of cardboard cartons stacked on top of each other, isn’t it easier (and cheaper) just to grab a couple of boxes and make your own? Don’t try to balance your 27-inch iMac on top of a banana box, obviously, but a laptop and a keyboard will be more than safe on all but the flimsiest of boxes. Why not give it a go? I did, and I’m writing this article from on top of a pair of old wooden wine cases. And guess what? I’ve never felt healthier.


All Photos: via Switch Stance

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