Real Mornings For Women, Fake Biopic for Kobe: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Kobe Bryant’s legend lives on for gamers, Secret tests equal pay stress, Game of Thrones perfects the teaser.

Real Mornings For Women, Fake Biopic for Kobe: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Two of the biggest issues of discussion over the past seven days have been around Equal Pay Day (April 12) and Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game (April 13). Not one to shy away from the zeitgeist, this week’s list gives both a nod, with a dash of what Ian McShane tastefully calls “Tits and dragons.” Onward!


Apple “Father Time”

What: Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan come to a misunderstanding about the NBA legend’s new biopic while demonstrating Siri on Apple TV.

Who: Apple, TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Why We Care: As we said earlier this week, last month it was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) and Alison Brie (Community) rehearsing a scene in a trailer, now we get a fake peek inside Hollywood with a hilariously realistic take on an NBA biopic that will no doubt be made someday. The comedic timing and chemistry between Kobe and Michael B. Jordan is impressive. I mean, not 60 points in your last-ever NBA game impressive, but still, well done.

Secret “Raise”

What: A young woman practices a very important conversation with her boss in the office washroom.

Who: Secret, Wieden+Kennedy


Why We Care: This is a sweet, yet powerful glimpse at what it’s like to be a young person fighting for respect in the workplace, that’s even more affecting and relevant because it’s a young woman getting ready to face an unfortunate reality that still somehow exists in 2016.

Organic Balance “Real Morning Report”

What: A real-talk counterpoint to most advertising aimed at women.

Who: Organic Balance, Humanaut

Why We Care: Look, everyone enjoys a little aspirational escape from time to time. And whenever you need it, advertising is often there with a heaping pile of it. But there’s a fine line between inspiration and unhealthy expectation, with too much of the former leading to the latter. Here we get a charming peek at some real inspiration–not yoga sessions or vision boards, but women doing what it takes to get sh*t done.

Game of Thrones “Season Six Trailer #2”

What: A sweeping glimpse at what’s in store for those Westerosi waiting for winter to arrive.


Who: HBO

Why We Care: One of the great (and frustrating) things about Game of Thrones, is how it intertwines so many different plot lines into the same narrative spiderweb. The beauty of such a trailer here is that they take juuuuust enough of a snippet from each to whet the appetite, without giving even a sliver away. We’re irrationally excited despite remaining utterly ignorant. Which is what the goal of any trailer should be.

NBA 2K17 “Legends Live On”

What: Haters and fans alike wax philosophical about how Bryant’s legacy will live on among legions of stick-moving, button pushers.

Who: 2K Sports, Crispin Porter+Bogusky LA

Why We Care: Seeing as it’s the week of Kobe’s final NBA game, it was basically a coin-toss between this and the Nike spot. Both do much of the same thing–celebrate a legend, while acknowledging his polarizing popularity. This one wins out for the sheer diversity of fans, and the fact we don’t have to cringe through Paul Pierce singing.

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