New Blockbuster Film “Gun Crazy” Is Really A Gun Violence PSA

WHAT: New PSA from States United to Prevent Gun Violence (SUPGV), tackling the glorification and glamorization of guns.

WHO: States United to Prevent Gun Violence, Grey New York

WHY WE CARE: Last year, the nonprofit created the hugely successful “Guns With History,” which involved a phony gun shop that stunned prospective gun-owners with the real-life tragic histories behind the weapons they were considering buying.

This year, in its continuing mission to change how Americans look at guns, SUPGV introduces another ferocious exercise in storytelling with “Gun Crazy.” Moviegoers are seen looking forward to seeing an all-action blockbuster. Instead they’re shown graphic scenes of violence from real-life shootings, including unintentional incidents and suicides. Created by ad agency Grey New York, “Gun Crazy” shows the unvarnished reality of the damage guns do.