Phil Collins Recreating His Old Album Covers Is The Only Photo Recreation That Matters

Every couple days or so, a post will emerge online documenting some siblings re-living a youthful moment in order to present the inexorable march of time in as sentimental a light as possible. Some people have been doing it much longer, and make an annual tradition of it. These photo projects are fun diversions, but there’s only one problem with them making the Internet rounds: None of these people ever wrote and recorded “Sussudio.”

This glaring absence has finally been corrected.

To celebrate the reissue of extended and remastered editions of all his solo albums, Phil Collins recently linked up with photographer Patrick Balls to recreate his original album art from ages ago.

Upon seeing an entire gallery of old Phil Collins album covers side by side with their modern-day recreations, two things become abundantly clear: 1) Phil Collins has aged remarkably well and 2) Good God, did that man like to put outlandishly extreme close-ups of his face on his album covers.

Take a look at him now, indeed, with more photos in the slides above.