Dude, “Dark Side of the Moon” Totally Syncs Up With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

WHO: Pink Floyd and J.J. Abrams
WHAT: Dark Side of the Moon and Star Wars: The Force Awakens
WHY WE CARE: The legend has always been the same: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon eerily matches The Wizard of Oz both lyrically and visually when played at the same time.

Since then, both cinephiles and Floydians alike have attempted to strike syncopated gold twice–and it appears Dark Side of the Moon may have found its (second) match. About two months ago, Redditor knnl noted the synchronicity between Dark Side of the Moon and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, posting a detailed list of where Pink Floyd’s lyrics and music marry perfectly to the film and how to line it up just right. But this being the Internet, it wasn’t long before someone took the guesswork out of the discovery and posted the first eight minutes of the match made in heaven–or galaxy?! High-five! clap Anyone? No? Fine, just watch the video.