New Trailer For “Game Of Thrones” Season Six Brings All The Plots Together

From the White Walkers to the dragons, it’s all happening.

New Trailer For “Game Of Thrones” Season Six Brings All The Plots Together

WHAT: The new trailer for season six of Game of Thrones, which returns to HBO on April 24th, shows off a bunch of the things that even book-readers don’t know about yet.

WHO: All of your Westerosi friends–Arya and Sansa Stark; Jamie and Cersei Lannister; Jorah, Tyrion, and Khaleesi, as well as the surprisingly robust Ser Davos are all here (and one character–you know the one–is not).

WHY WE CARE: Game of Thrones has long been one of the best slow-burns on television–maybe even the best slow-burn in TV history, front-loading its early seasons with plot set-ups that were years from payoff (and buying the audience’s attention with blood, boobs, and boning). Now, though, we’re on the back-half of the show’s run, and the new trailer makes it abundantly clear that we’re about to get some of that payoff. Wondering what’s up with the fact that Jorah’s got a nasty case of greyscale? We’ll learn what that’s about. Curious if Arya is going to get back in the Faceless Man’s good graces? Apparently she will. Need to know how Sansa avenges her horrific treatment at the hands of Ramsey Bolton? It’s pretty clear that we’re going to find out. Some of these plots have been lingering since season five–and others, like “What happens when the dragons get big?” and “Is there a big war between the living and the dead coming?” have been in motion since the first frames of the show. Either way, with Game Of Thrones now hurtling toward its conclusion (with, sure, another 30 or so episodes to go), the trailer is hinting less at “you won’t believe what happens next,” and more at “the answers are coming.” Finally.

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