Now Your Dog Can Post To Facebook, Thanks To Pedigree

Just when you thought everyone you know was on the social network, the dog food brand goes and does this.

Now Your Dog Can Post To Facebook, Thanks To Pedigree

WHAT: A device that allows dogs to share what they like on social media, without any human help.

WHO: Pedigree, Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid

WHY WE CARE: Admittedly a tad outside the usual Pedigree fare, but yes, it’s real. According to a Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid spokesperson, there are five devices available, and at the end of this week you’ll be able to book a week-long “Posting Tail” trial through, that directs you to the brand’s Facebook page to enter your pup’s picture and other data to register. Plenty of obvious upside here–a gadget that may just help you learn a bit more about your dog’s personality and foster a deeper emotional connection and understanding. Of course, a week is probably enough, since your newsfeed will be suddenly flooded with shots of other dogs’ butts, blurry leg humping, and various angles of your poop-scoop techniques.

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