This Mouth-Watering App Will Convince You To Eat More Vegan Food

Maybe, like Bill Clinton, you want to go vegan for your health. Maybe you want to eat less meat for the environment–collectively, if we all ate only the recommend daily serving of meat, and more vegetables, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 70% and save trillions of dollars). Still, for most omnivores, changing long-standing habits is hard.

A new app called Food Monster is designed to make vegan food a little more tempting. Every conceivable vegan recipe–from burgers to cheesecake–is displayed with gorgeous photos, gifs, and step-by-step instructions. The app includes more than 5,000 dishes, and more than 500 ways to search through the meals. More than 10 new recipes are added each day.

“The purpose of the app is to get more people to choose plant-based foods when they eat,” says co-founder Preeta Sinha. “The app makes it easy for anyone, across the United States, from any income bracket, with any dietary preference/restriction or waist size to easily access the greatest collection of recipes that use simple ingredients–found in regular grocery stores–and easy-to-follow instructions.”

The app is adapted from One Green Planet, a website that also has thousands of vegan recipes and millions of users. “Vegan cooking, which is dominated by shifting vegetables, grains, beans and legumes to the center of your plate is an emerging trend in America,” says Sinha. “This app is going to function as a guide for the millions looking to cook and eat this way.”