Watch Chance The Rapper Play A Superhero In The Video For “Angels”

The proud Chicago native dons a city sanitation uniform and a Sox hat as he takes to the skies over his hometown.

Watch Chance The Rapper Play A Superhero In The Video For “Angels”

WHAT: Chance The Rapper, whose give-everything-away business model has made him a new kind of music icon, goes from “superstar” to “superhero” in the video for last year’s “Angels.”

WHO: Chance the Rapper (feat. Saba), directed by Austin Vesely with animation by Hebru Brand Studios.

WHY WE CARE: Chance is one of the more interesting and creative forces in music right now, so we–like the entire music industry–are watching his moves pretty closely. And the video for “Angels” is pure Chance: It’s very Chicago-focused (he wears a city sanitation uniform with a Sox hat and goggles as his superhero costume), with an aesthetic that’s both whimsical (he flies around, occasionally as a cartoon character, and rides atop an El train) and poignant (as he raps about the “Angels on the South Side,” he passes billboards depicting young black kids in sneakers and snapbacks with wings and halos). Chance is still a week away from his 23rd birthday, but he’s creating a style that’s unique, powerful, and fun as hell to watch.

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