See Office Supplies Go Full “Toy Story” In a Vivid Animated Short

WHAT: Winner of best animation at Sweden’s Short Film Festival 2016, A Small Escape is a short film about a sentient pair of scissors doing the Toy Story shuffle out of the confines of the kitchen.

WHO: Stockholm-based CG artist David Sandell.

WHY WE CARE: Wild horses cannot be tamed and neither, apparently can determined pairs of scissors. The sharp tool at the center of this tale begins his epic journey in the kitchen alone before recruiting others of its kind from the office desktop to do what everyone in an office wants to do: go the hell outside. There’s a certain elegance to the scissors’ movements, and the way it interacts with the other figures that elevates this film above its premise. You actually want those scissors to taste freedom. No matter what you’re up to today, A Small Escape will probably serve as a lovely diversion.