From Winning Trust To The Art Of Conversation: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s top stories may get you to hit the gym harder, make smoother chitchat, and appear more trustworthy.

This week we learned how a few simple behaviors can win others’ trust, what it takes to be a more fluent conversationalist, and which fields freelancers are currently thriving in.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of April 4:

1. Six Habits Of The Best Conversationalists

As one communication expert explains, “Good conversations require a give and take, just like keeping a ball in the air during a game of catch.” What are some ways to do that? For starters, think twice before rushing to share your own experiences. Here are five other tips for becoming a better conversationalist.

2. The Three Habits Of The Most Trustworthy Person In Your Office

Trustworthiness may be in the eye of the beholder, but there are some simple techniques anyone can use to impact how they’re perceived. This week Karissa Thacker, who’s studied the psychology of authenticity, explains how to build trust at work.

3. The Top 10 Industries For Freelancers

According to a recent analysis of 50 industries by FlexJobs, freelancers dominate in fields you might not expect, like IT and customer service. Here’s a look at the top 10.

4. Here’s How A Month Of Exercise Affected My Brain

You don’t need to be told that exercise is good for your body, mood, or emotions. But what about your brain? Writer Michael Grothaus took a cue from a recent Finnish study on the links between exercise and “neurogenesis,” the capacity to develop new nerve cells, and adopted a strict exercise regimen for a month. This is what he (unscientifically) discovered.

5. What You Should Do When Someone Takes Credit For Your Idea

When someone else gets praised for sharing an idea you’ve already put out there–to crickets–it’s easy to get angry or want to get even. This week we heard from negotiation expert Daniel Shapiro on the better approach to take.