#TBT: A Look Back At Melissa McCarthy’s First Acting Role

Before being The Boss, Melissa McCarthy was God’s bestie.

#TBT: A Look Back At Melissa McCarthy’s First Acting Role
Melissa McCarthy in God, 1998

Melissa McCarthy’s ascent to the upper echelons of comedy has been justly deserved with films such as Bridesmaids, Spy, and, most recently The Boss.


But in honor of Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a look at McCarthy’s first acting credit: the 1998 short film God.

Before her early roles as the ever-lovable Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls or Molly Flynn in Mike & Molly, McCarthy was Margaret O’Reilly, a bubbly assistant manager at Jamba Juice who has a very close relationship with God–no, really. Margaret is No. 1 in God’s squad until he gets a little too clingy–what follows is a litany of plagues and a shaky alliance with the Devil.

John August, who wrote and directed God, met McCarthy while filming Go, which he also wrote. McCarthy had a bit part in the film but instantly impressed August. Fast-forward to a random run-in in a coffee shop and God was born.

“Melissa McCarthy came in and auditioned [for Go], and she was incredible,” August said in an interview. “She nailed that one tiny little part, which completely served as a lynchpin to the Adam and Zack storyline. I loved her so much. I bumped into her at Starbucks while we were editing and said, ‘You probably don’t remember me, but I wrote Go and I wrote a short film for you and we’re going to make a bunch of stuff together.’ She said, ‘Yes!’ We’ve been friends for 15 years now.”

Melissa McCarthy as Doris in Charlie’s Angels, 2000Photo: courtesy of Columbia Pictures

The character of Margaret actually resurfaced in August’s 2007 film The Nines, and God was used as a DVD extra for the film because DVDs were still a thing back then. Aside from The Nines, God, and Go, McCarthy and August have worked together on Charlie’s Angels and the TV show D.C.–all of which are clear indicators that these two need to collab again sooner rather than later.

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