Watch Amy Schumer Preview Her Own “Hamilton” For Lin-Manuel Miranda

In a clip from the upcoming fourth season of “Inside Amy Schumer,” the comedy star thinks historical hip-hopera.

Watch Amy Schumer Preview Her Own “Hamilton” For Lin-Manuel Miranda

WHAT: A first taste of the hotly anticipated fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer finds the show’s creator and star trying to Hamilton it up with her own Broadway musical, Betsy Ross. It doesn’t seem like she’s thought it all the way through, though.

WHO: Only perhaps the two most Internet-beloved stars of the past year, Amy Schumer and Lin-Manuel Miranda. They’re also joined by their respective collaborators, Kim Caramele (Amy’s sister) and Questlove.

WHY WE CARE: Obviously, Co.Create would purchase a stadium’s worth of tickets to see Amy Schumer’s Betsy Ross on Broadway, were it a real thing. Perhaps it’s better, though, that this idea only exists as a muddled shower thought-turned-sketch in which Schumer addresses MacArthur Genius grant recipient Lin-Manuel Miranda as “Linda,” and butchers both American history and half a dozen recent hip-hop hits. But we’d still go see Betsy Ross in a heartbeat.

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