Weekend Recap: SNL Reveals The Truth Behind The “Game Of Thrones” Dragon Effects

WHAT: A fake behind-the scenes look at how the special effects are created for Game of Thrones. It turns out those dragons are the work of a dude in a motion-capture suit, who is ready for his close-up.

WHO: The digital short crew on Saturday Night Live, led by an incredibly game Peter Dinklage.

WHY WE CARE: There are plenty of things to like here–Kate McKinnon’s bang-on impression of Emilia Clarke, the simulated Thrones dialogue, the very “HBO First Look” feel of it all–but the main draw is Bobby Moynihan. The actor looks ridiculous with mo-cap dots freckled all over his face, skin-tight gymnast’s gear, and an effects rig that looks like a papier-mâché dragonhead atop a broom. Watching him try to add his two cents into the billion-dollar franchise reminds us that not everyone can be an Andy Serkis-level artist at this kind of thing.