Today’s Only Good Prank: “Gilmore Guys” Podcast Now “The Entourage Entourage”

For one special day only, the beloved show devoted to “Gilmore Girls” is now all about “Entourage,” baby.

Today’s Only Good Prank: “Gilmore Guys” Podcast Now “The Entourage Entourage”
Gilmore Girls, Season 1 Episode 1 [Photo: Warner Bros Studios]

WHAT: The 155th episode of Gilmore Guys, a pop culture podcast devoted to the seminal intergenerational dramedy Gilmore Girls, is positioned as the 69th episode of The Entourage Entourage, a fictional podcast devoted to a show that embodies the ethos of guys who find the number “69” inherently hilarious.

WHO: Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, intrepid hosts of the show, joined by another hilarious duo, Jake and Amir, CollegeHumor vets and proprietors of the podcast network Gilmore Guys belongs to, Headgum.

WHY WE CARE: In a day when every brand makes an attempt to be the best Even Worse Banksy it can be, it’s nice to see anybody pull off a harmless prank that’s actually funny. True fans of the Gilmore Guys podcast, known as “Gillies,” will have heard several references to Entourage throughout the show’s run, and know Demi and Kevin aren’t exactly fans. (“Oh yeah, women are objects!” Porter squeals during the intro to this episode.) Even though there have been other fake Entourage podcasts before, this one is a worthy addition to the tiny canon, and a nice diversion from every other prank today.

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