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Which U.S. Cities Have The Most Hybrids?

Contrasting Prius America with Muscle Car America.

Which U.S. Cities Have The Most Hybrids?
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77% of cars in Detroit are American made–the most of any U.S. city. Over in San Jose, just 25% of the cars are U.S.-built. In fact, the most popular car in San Jose is the BMW 540i (in Detroit it’s the Pontiac Aztek, voted as one of Time Magazine’s ), but it’s good to support local businesses.


These figures come from Your Mechanic, a service that sends mechanics to your home or office to fix your car. The folks over there put together their data to find out what they say are the most popular cars in American cities. It’s probably not scientific, but it offers some interesting data points.

The survey shows the most “unusually common” car model in U.S. cities, and while the individual results are interesting enough, when they’re put together, the trends are fascinating. Cities on the coasts favor Asian and European cars, the middle of the country still buys domestic.

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Another list shows the percentage of hybrid cars in various cities. San Francisco wins, but it only manages 3.3%. The remaining top 10 cities are mostly in hippie California, and by the time we get to the south and the Midwest, we’re down to almost zero. The only city on the list where Your Mechanic hasn’t served a single hybrid is Greensboro, NC.

In the other direction is the Muscle Car Index, which lists the whereabouts of cars with V8 engines. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, come at the top with a massive 18.9%, with Texas and the southern states also scoring high.

Over at the Your Mechanic blog post, you’ll also find the Porsche Top 10, and the Subaru Index, which sets out to see whether Subarus really are popular among lovers of the outdoors. Spoiler (the non-auto kind): they are.

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